Free Cutting Steels

For our demanding customers high class free cutting Steel as raw material for drawing or peeling. Our range includes Soft free cutting steel Quenched and tempered free cutting steel Case hardening free cutting steel.

Free Cutting Steels Wire Rods

manufactures steel wire rods for applications in automotive and other industries. It offers low, medium, and high carbon wire rods; wire rods for suspension springs, tire reinforcements, and welding and cold heading applications; free cutting and cold drawing steel products; and case-hardening steel.

Free Cutting Steels

Free cutting steel are those iron – carbon alloys that are easy to be worked upon during machining operation. In more technical terms Free cutting steel has a higher percentage of Sulphur and phosphorus which is different from steel that has a higher percentage of carbon. These steels are defined in standard EN10087. The high Sulphur and phosphorus content in free cutting steel makes it easy to cut through this kind of steel. This property of Free cutting steel makes its application very important in the Component manufacturing industry. Furthermore, Free cutting steel is mixed with tellurium to make an alloy, and to make it strong and solid. This enhances the mechanical property of the free cutting steel. Some essential criteria for making Free-Cutting-Steels
  • Tool wear as low as possible during cutting times
  • Sufficient surface quality
  • Low cutting forces and temperature to allow for the application of sensitive cutting tools
    and machines.
  • Short, light breaking chips to ensure undisturbed chip removal
These properties make for better application of free cutting steel. Considering that free cutting steel has good machinability qualities, they are used for rapid production on multiple spindle automatic lathe of finely finished components.
Bright Bars is a popular type of free cutting steel that is commonly used by many industries in the production of some very critical components in high numbers. These free cutting steel Bright bars are used for making nuts, bolts, spare parts for the automobile industries and for making some precision components for various other industries. There are various grades in Free Cutting Steel & Semi Free Cutting Steel like
  • EN1A (Leaded) or (Non-Leaded)
  • 11SMNPB30 or 11SMN30
  • 12L14 or 1214
  • EN8M

These various grades with specific benefits and are suitable for different types of components.