How Essar Steel verdict changes the rules of the game for future bankruptcy cases :

The Supreme Court quashed the earlier NCLAT order which brought parity between financial and operational creditors of Essar Steel in matters of distribution of proceeds. Peeved with the NCLAT ruling, the financial creditors had approached the apex court saying that the NCLAT order exceeds the scope of the IBC. They also argued that secured creditors have the first right over funds, an argument that had been used to deny Standard Chartered the same treatment as other financial creditors.

How to survive in stockbroking industry amid tech disruptions :

The scheme also overlooks a fundamental aspect of trading. To believe that a small brokerage amount stands between the trader and his losses is, to say the least, myopic. It shows extremely shallow research into the mental processes that lie underneath trades. It shows a complete lack of understanding of what makes a trader do what he does and why he does it that way.